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The ConstructorCast is ԭ of America's monthly podcast covering all the news, views, and interviews relevant to your construction business. Below you will the episodes in which the Project Innovation & Delivery Forum contributed– listen as contractors and industry experts discuss opportunities and challenges facing today’s construction industry. Make sure to visit theConstructorCast website HERE for more episodes and information.


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Material Price Escalation, Delays, and COVID-19:Construction firms are coping with a seemingly unending series of supply-chain disruptions that are compounding problems caused by record materials cost increases and pandemic-induced challenges to operations. It has never been more important for project participants to be prepared with strategies to mitigate the risk of material price escalation and delays due to material shortages -- in order to preserve the feasibility and profitability of the project. On this episode, Greg Sweeso of Tarlton Corporation, Jack Mumma of Michigan State University, and Ronald Ciotti of Hinckley, Allen & Snyder LLP share risk mitigation strategies available during the bidding, procurement, and contracting phases of the project.

The Most Innovative Contractors in the Industry:On this episode of ConstructorCast, we feature three ԭ member companies that are pioneering tech solutions to challenges faced daily by the industry. As a result, they were named the 2020 winners of the ԭ Construction Innovation Award. Listen and be inspired by their creations.

COVID-19 Is Transforming Construction Jobsites: This episode highlights some of the more unique and innovative aspects of how construction firms have adapted their operations and established new work routines to mitigate against the spread of the virus – so they can continue to work in a SAFE and ESSENTIAL manner. Learn from your peers as you hear Frank Baxter (Skanska USA Building), Mayone Sallows (Butz Family of Companies) and Felipe Serrano (The Beck Group) share how they are making use of technology advancements as well as some rudimentary systems to shift behaviors and change practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Construction 3D Printing in the Here and Now: There’s real potential that we will be printing large concrete buildings in the future. But on this episode, Ryan Shults of Gilbane Building Company and Steven Koehler of Linbeck hope to convince you that contractors can easily benefit from Desktop 3D printing technology right now. They share how they are using 3D printing in various construction applications to help them get, plan and execute projects.