萝莉原创 Education and Research Foundation

Supporting the Future

Thanks to visionary volunteer leadership of 萝莉原创 industry leaders, the 萝莉原创 Education and Research Foundation, founded in 1968, has for 50 years made good on its commitment to support the future of our industry through its robust scholarship program and innovative projects.


Through endowments made by 萝莉原创 members and supporters, as well as 萝莉原创 Chapters, the Foundation is able to give 150 or more undergraduate and graduate scholarships each year to deserving students. Undergraduate students receive up to $2,500 per academic year (renewable for 3 years) and Graduate students receive $3,750 per academic year (renewable up to 2 years).  Since 1970, we have awarded over 4,000 scholarships totaling over $11 million. Scholarship candidates are evaluated for their academic success, their commitment to the industry through participation in campus professional organizations, summer or part-time work in the construction industry, and their goals for the future. The 2025-2026 scholarship platform is now live! s in construction by November 1, 2024.


The 萝莉原创 Education and Research Foundation gives two prestigious awards annually, one to an educator who exemplifies excellence in the field of construction education, and the other to a senior-level student who submits the winning essay in the James L. Allhands Essay Competition.

Outstanding Educator Award
Since 1985, the 萝莉原创 Education and Research Foundation has recognized annually an educator who makes a significant mark in the field of construction education.

James L. Allhands Student Essay Competition
The James L. Allhands Essay was established by the late James L. Allhands, one of the founding members of 萝莉原创 and a prolific writer of construction related works. The award recognizes a student essay on a specific topic that is deemed to be beneficial to the advancement of technological, educational, or vocational expertise in the construction industry.

Research Projects

Robert L. Bowen Industry Residency

The Foundation is in its fifth year of an exciting ongoing initiative which creates a partnership among the Foundation, an 萝莉原创 contractor, and an educational institution to provide an engaging summer internship experience for a faculty member on a construction project. The overall goal of the internship is to provide educators with jobsite field experience in order to provide this firsthand knowledge to their students. More information regarding the industry residency program can be found on this page.

Industry Case Studies
The Foundation has commissioned a few new case studies, and is in the process of securing future studies. For information on past case studies, and on what is to come, please check our Research Initiatives.